Jump With Me

by Emily Shute

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Written during a divorce and on the ukulele, Jump With Me explores deep emotional content with a light heart.


released April 18, 2015

Lyrics and Music Emily Shute
c 2015 SOCAN

Produced by Emily Shute
Engineered and Mixed by Luke Batiot
Recorded at Village Sound in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mastered by J. LaPointe
Original Artwork by Emily Shute
Album Design and Fonts by Colleen MacIsaac

Performed by
Emily Shute Vocals, Ukulele, Piano, Glockenspiel, Whistling
Benn Ross Drums
Adam Fine Bass
Amanda LeBlanc Harmony Vocals (02, 05 - 10)
Dan MacCormack Banjo (05)
Leigh Brown, Kim Harris Group Vocals (07, 10)
Gabrielle Papillon, Tara Thorne, Alana Yorke Group Vocals (10)

Dave Anderson and Jason MacIsaac
Peter Shute and Susan Zimmermann



all rights reserved


Emily Shute Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ukuleles, banjos and ragtime pianos. Emily Shute is a multi-instrumentalist from Halifax, NS with roots in classical piano and musical theatre.

Emily's debut album, Jump With Me, is a carefully arranged, ukulele-based exploration of deep and drastic change. Sweet sounding and lyrically rich, Emily's music balances the light and dark nature of human experience.
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Track Name: Hoilday
drive me to the country
let's take the back roads
swim in the river and
float downstream
live our dream

do, do, do...

drive me past the ocean
bet you twenty the tide is in
turn up the radio and
drift away on Holiday

do, do, do...
Track Name: Rainy Day Friend
you are my rainy day friend
on you I can depend
to keep the stormy clouds away
you are my Rainy Day Friend
come and keep me company

when the rain is pouring down
and no shelter can be found
you brighten up my day with all the funny things you say
'cause you are my rainy day friend
come and keep me company

when the wind begins to moan
I pick up the phone
you will always answer doesn't matter what time of day
'cause you are my rainy day friend
come and keep me company
Come and keep me company
Track Name: You Make Me Crazy (For More)
you make me weak in the knees
so weak a soft breeze could blow me over
the way you brush my hair with your palm
I feel calm in those hands

You Make Me Crazy (For More)
my head keeps on hitting,
hitting the floor, hitting the floor,
hitting the floor

you make me dig for the source
Dig deep I am your own fresh spring
the way you pull my body out of water
get my feet back on the ground

you make me smile on both sides
smile cause the best rides go up and down
the way you cover me in a blanket of snow
show me how to touch so light
Track Name: When Love Is
you fell out of my hands out of reach and out of sight
I can't hold on to something so perfect and so ripe
I imagine catching you before the fall
or going back to find you bruised and all

When Love Is lost
when love moves on
don't look back

you offered me everything I could want but can't refuse
I thought that I could like your impression of a muse
but I don't want you going out and finding me
something that can be found so easily

when love is nice
when love digs in
don't go to sleep
Track Name: Jump With Me
I hold you up you break my back
this burden is a fatal attack
I stand on you like you're the ground
put the pressure on and you won't make a sound

Jump With Me
while the building burns
we've got nothing to lose
with all that we've learned
jump with me
while the big wheel turns
we've got nothing to loose
with all that we've learned

be cruel to me I know your pain
losing our minds in this loser's game
I lie to you and to myself
love the suspense but it's killing my health

when you're down I pull you deep
when I'm awake you put me to sleep
there's nothing left for us to test
hard to forgive for trying your best

with that look in your eyes
I could run to you
I could fall into the dream again but no
I only wish that I wanted to go
Track Name: Learn From the Best
my old love, my old drug
do not distract me any longer
spent too much time staring at the surface of the water
letting the ripples blur the beaten look of our desperation
to be loved by one another and by the book

Learn From The Best
of the worst memories
and be saved by our mistakes
things that appear brightest and true
always someday leave you blue

it's been hard and it's been tough
letting go of the image I'm sold
but I've refused the free advice I was having to hold
pick any direction but the beaten past
and even when I'm lost I won't turn around
and no I won't look back
Track Name: If I Really Knew You
the closer I get
the further you seem
the higher I fly
the deeper I dream

the more I try (yeah the more I try)
the less I find

and I wonder, yeah I wonder
If I Really Knew You
if I really knew you at all

the longer I wait
the shorter my life
you're soft like rain
and sharp like a knife

and the more I know (yeah the more I know)
the less I understand
Track Name: Let Me Down
I don't really want you to see
my heart breaking
my beat fading
I don't really want you to see
that I'm the one
who's lying for you

and no I won't remind you of every other girl
who's cried to sky dreaming of rescue

so Let Me Down
lie to me
tell it to me gently
and save the honesty

I don't really want you to know
the truth I hide
the secret I'm behind
I don't really want you to know
that I'm the one
who's dying for you
Track Name: In The Winter
waiting for your love to return
frozen over like ice but it still burns
wonder where on earth that you are
wishing I could leave and live on a star

I loved you so I let you go
only to find
you were never mine

In The Winter all the streets looks the same
and all these salty tears have nothing but the wind to blame
in the winter all the snow falls and stays
and all these blanket dreams have nothing to do but wait for change

losing you like my appetite
too weak and starved to put up a fight
you say goodbye like hello
like it makes no difference if you stay or go

my time is wasted on hope
one step forward each thought I let go
holding my own light in the dark
there's nothing left can break my heart
Track Name: How Long Shall I Wait?
how long shall I wait,
until the spring?
for the first songbird to sing
or for the last shower to sweeten the air?

how long shall I wait,
until the summer?
for the first campfire to burn
or for the last ember to go out in the morning?

How Long Shall I Wait?
shall I wait through the seasons?
shall I wait forever and a day for you?

how long shall I wait,
until the fall?
for the first green leaf to turn
or for the last colour to blow away in the breeze?

how long shall I wait,
until the winter?
for the first window to frost
or for the last snowbank to melt away in the shade?